Re: how to nagagate the new start menu on windows 10 1607

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>


When you push the windows key nvda will land in the search box.

if you arrow up once it will put you in the apps view list.

if you then arrow down the list it will come up with the following. apps
view list recently added. as you arrow down you will hear most used
groupingnumber grouping etc etc as then it will tell you the programs on
your pc.

If you are still in the search box and do the following you will get the
following results. here you tab either once which will give you the
following, then you have to arrow down to them.

navigation menu list, user account for ... places list settings, power.
If you press the enter key on this options will be given and from there
you can restart the pc and so on.

If now instead of going down the navigation list, you tabbed again it
would say apps view list recently added and if you tab again it will say
pins view list and if you tab again it will put you back into the search
You can use the arrow keys to go through those sections.

Also under the apps view list you can press a letter and it will jump
you down to that letter then you have to arrow to what ever it is
starting with that letter.

Gene nz

On 12/12/2016 6:16 AM, brian wrote:
I just upgraded my windows 10 and I can not getto the left side of
the start menu that has the file explorer and power button if I tab I
get pins view and left arrow does nothing will this problem be
corrected in version of nvda 2016.4? Are there any key board commands
fornavagating the start menu/?

Brian Sackrider

On 12/11/2016 10:39 AM, Casey wrote:
Hi I am using NVDA.
Now when I used to use window-eyes and inserted A USB thumb drive and
then went under computer and looked threw my drive list.
It would tell me when I got the the drive letter that had the USB
drive connected to it.
How much was used on the drive like 98 percent or 75 percent.
And then when I would copy something to it.
It would tell me how much was need for whatever it was for me to put
on that drive if it was full.
So can you get NVDA to do this if so how?

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