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Gerardo Corripio

Yes thanks a lot! Just went into my Dropbox's preferences and disabled the badge.

El 12/12/2016 10:32 p.m., Gary Bowers escribió:
Thanks, Quentin. Very helpful.


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Hi everyone,

For anyone using the Dropbox app on Windows, there is a problem with accessing documents stored in your dropbox folder caused by a new feature in a recent update to Dropbox.

What is happening is that when you open a file from your Dropbox folder, it's popping up a mostly invisible window over the top of the Word / Excel window, and it puts it back there even if you alt+tab away and back. It's called the "Dropbox badge" and you need to go into the Dropbox preferences to get rid of it:

1. Press WINDOWS+B to go to the system tray
2. Press RIGHT ARROW to move to the Dropbox icon (it may also be in the System notification overflow).
3. Press ENTER to open the menu.
4. Press UP ARROW to go to Preferences and press ENTER
5. Press TAB 5 times to get to the "Dropbox Badge" grouping / combo box.
6. Press DOWN ARROW to get to "Never show".
7. Press ENTER to close the dropbox preferences.

Hopefully Dropbox will address this, however in the meantime, following this, documents in your dropbox folder should be accessible again.

Kind regards

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