New Group: BlindLife


Hello All.  Again and again we see on the various blind and low-vision technology related groups the desire of members to reach out to each other regarding topics not related to the specific technology that's the focus of those groups.  This has caused friction at times, and has inspired the creation of a new group:  BlindLife.

The group description is as follows:  "A place for discussing technology, daily living tips n' tricks, accessibility, disability law, and pretty much anything else with a focus on relation to those who are blind or vision-impaired. Those who are sighted are welcome, too."

If you wish to have additional information about subscribing, etc., then send an e-mail message to or search the web interface for BlindLife.

This is still the best venue to which to direct your NVDA questions, but now there's a place for much less constrained conversation.


 Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.

         ~ Samuel Butler, 1835-1902


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