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Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing all that up.

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My job was to enhance what was out there already - Rui Batista from Portugal, one of the men who brought you Vocalizer driver, is responsible for bringing BrailleNote support to life a long time ago. The colleague of mine I refered to in another email is James Teh, one of the led developers who works on braille support and have worked on Orbit Reader 20 support for a few months.




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Hmm. Joseph Lee did the braille note driver didn't you, Joseph? If so, you may be able to help them.


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Hello everyone,

@David, - really sorry for the incomplete info on website. But let me assure you, this is for real. We have tested the device with Perkins, NfB and NBP from US and lots of other institutes in India. We are working on getting our product into manufacturing and are expected to launch in May-June internationally. It is a global product, and not restricted to any region. On the pricing front, it will be in the range of 370-450 USD depending on taxes.

@Joseph - The outlook might be the same as Orbit but inside it is really different. One of the biggest difference is in refresh rate where our device is 3X faster than Orbit. It is based on a completely different technology which can be extended into a 20 cell, 40 cell and even a multi-line display. And we are committed to bringing them to the market. 

Hope this answers some of your questions. Also if anyone knows any guy who could help us on the driver front, do let me know.





Devin Prater


Devin Prater

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