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Clamwin is not a highly rated program. 
the problem described of slow performance with one antimalware program after another is not generally experienced by NVDA users.  I don't know what is causing the problem but it is not a general NVDA problem.  Perhaps someone with more technical knowledge will be able to help further.

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i know only clamwin which is accessible with nvda and i did not test
other programs.

On 12/15/16, Ibrahim Ajayi <kobisko@...> wrote:
> Hi good people:
> I've come to realize that the NVDA screenreader our wonderful
> software, is not compatible with antivirus software.  I've tried
> several antivirus software on my system, and they appear incompatible
> with NVDA.  They make browsing extremely slow, and oftentimes, shut
> down the screen reader. Sometimes I am taken off the site totally.
> I've tried the avast antivirus software, marobite, microsoft essential
> and avero.  All are the same.
> Is there a solution to this problem? I don't have this experience when
> I use the demo version of JAWS for windows.
> In order to use NVDA conveniently, I've had to remove the antivirus
> software I have on my system, and after browsing, reinstall it, and
> this can expose my system to attacks.
> Looking forward to reading from you chaps again.
> Thanks and cheers.
> From Ibrahim in Nigeria.

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