A word of warning about xp and windoows update enabled systems with old amd processors

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I noticed yesterday on an old XP Athlon machine, the chip with no sse 2, that after a latest xp security update which is enabled on that machine, the processor usage was 99 percent. trying this on a second machine running a sempron resulted in the same issue, but not on the old Pentium Intel chipped machines.
The thing is it seems to have altered the way the software looks for and downloads windows updates, so to stop this problem you need to turn off automatic updates. This can be quite a challenge with about 1 percent processor still working when nvda tends to need 143 percent, but after doing this and rebooting all is sweetness and light again. I only put this on here as I know a lot of folk in some of the poorer countries out there still use xp machines with the get updates hack on them, and wanted to help.
I'll shut up about it now, as in fact its off topic.
I imagine Microsoft never bother to test it on this processor as so many companies now do not support it, like dropbox or firefox to name but two.


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