Re: Google Docs with Nvda

chris miles

On 14-Dec-16 3:48 PM, Jorge Gonçalves wrote:
Hi all,

I have to start using Google Docs for some group works in my university.
I was reading through the help section for screenreader users specially Nvda. So far it looks great.
But I have a problem. It says that if I want to move to the next heading, I should do Control+Alt+N and then H but it doesn't work for me.
I do it but it doesn't work. It simply writes an H.
Does anyone uses Nvda and google Docs and have some suggestions'
Thank you,


CONTROL PLUS ALT PLUS N is the hot key to start NVDA. Perhaps if you press the NVDA - insert key - and F2 pass next key through and tthen enter CTRL plus ALT plus N followed by H then NVDA might go to the next heading.

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