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I'd better not even mention via-voice then..:-)
In theory, the voice should be the same but the means of using it is different, These older versions though, are not strictly legal unless you paid for them at the time and there was no hacking involved.
Sadly today, the voices tend to be copyrighted in different forms and different companies buy and seel them along with the means to make them work, so it is indeed a minefield, and unsurprisingly, the makers of Nvda only truly support their use through the current rights holders drivers etc, or it could lay them open to legal action. This is the reality of the world we live in, unfortunately.

The Via-voice Eloquence sound alikes are SAppi 4, but some of the others are Sappi 5, or indeed a completely bespoke synth.

I'm not that happy with the latest versions, as it sounds a bit gritty and odd, mind you I'm not a fan of that voice in the first place, to be honest.
At the moment I'm using Quincy from Espeak for most navigation and the speech platform Microsoft voices, Hazel, for reading of long documents.

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what is the difference in the code factory and neuonce vocalizer, and what is the difference in the eloquence sold as a sapi product and the eloquence addon, and is the sapi eloquence sapi 5 and how do people like it.

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