Re: NVDA 2016.4 released #nvdasr


thanks extremely for your great news!
i was waiting for nvda for many month and i was counting the seconds
for this great news!
i dont know how to appreciate God, you and all developers of nvda for
this release!

On 12/16/16, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:
Well we're happy to have made you happy in time for Christmas Supanut!
Also, if you are keen on keeping up with the very latest features in NVDA,
you don't need to wait for 2017.1, you can download a "next" or "master"
build today:

"Next" is the very latest (and possibly not completely stable - be warned)

"Master" should be more solid, with features that are intended for the next
stable release of NVDA.

Using these builds and participating in reporting bugs on GitHub helps us
solve issues and improve the next release of NVDA:

Of course, for most users, the stable version, currently 2016.4, is the
recommended version to use.

Kind regards


On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 1:13 PM, Supanut Leepaisomboon <> wrote:

Finally! I've been waiting for months for this release!

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