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I am running IOS 10 on the iPhone 5s and Windows 10 on the desktop PC with the latest NVDA release.


I have a few notes on my iPhone which I have saved in with the intention of sharing them with my PC where I want to edit them further.


I installed the iCloud app on my desktop and this involved some interaction between the iPhone and the PC in granting permission to access, etc. This process was all accessible to both VoiceOver on the iPhone and NVDA on the PC.


However, when I opened the iCloud app on the desktop, there was no sign of the notes that should have been visible there. I then opened Firefox and called up to see if I could see the notes in the online web page of my iCloud drive. I was disappointed to find that I could not see any sign of them. I then asked a sighted person to look at the screen and tell me if the notes were there. She confirmed that they were all visible on the screen but I could not get NVDA to see them.

Is there something I can do to see the files in the online page or in the iCloud app using NVDA?


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