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I'm told that if you have an iso or dvd of the anniversary edition of 10, it is possible to do it, indeed I think there have been some podcasts on how to do it using narrator.
Are you absolutely sure your issues are so serious it needs a reinstll though?
Often one can run an image of 10 and kind of repair it from that.
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Hello all,
I know there are more appropriate lists I should be posting this on but I need an answer as soon as I can get one.
I have a Windows 10 laptop that is totally unusable and need to install Windows 10 from a working image I have on a USB drive. How can I restart Windows into Safe mode where I can do this? I'm getting program Manager not responding from NVDA so I know there is a problem where a reinstall of Windows would be the best option. It would be really wonderful if one could install Windows without sited assistance but that's still not possible as far as I'm aware.



Douglas Lawlor

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