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This sort of thing catches many new users out, sadly it also seems that most of the big outlets have people iin them who glaze over when you ask this sort of question, like can I test my screenreader first and can you supply it with this function disabled as they have no idea it is even a feeature in the first place!

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Also the problem with taping the key down, is that for any other keys that
use Fn+key combinations, they will always act as if the key was down. it
also might not register properly when the machine restarts. It sounds like
it would be worth getting sighted help to get into the bios and change this
setting once and for all. At least, once it's done you can just use the PC
normally again.

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I know of no way to change this on HP hardware without going
into either UEFI or BIOS (depending on the age of the machine). This
feature is known as Action Keys. My laptop had this enabled and I promptly
disabled via the BIOS settings under UEFI. Under UEFI it's in the BIOS
settings, System Configuration settings and is enabled if you have to hit
Fn in order for the function key to act like a function key, not perform
the function shown on its icon.

There are some brands that have a way to do this via the user
interface. I can't find any for HP. Here's a link to their support page
<> giving details on
how to turn it off via BIOS for machines from the straight BIOS era. It's
virtually identical under UEFI once you know where to look, which I
mentioned above.

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