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David <trailerdavid@...>

In case this is of any comfort to you, smile, you are not the only one
to be frustrated about the scenario you experience.

Several months ago, I ended up with a laptop exhibiting the same kind of
issue. That too, was an HP.

I have searched the net, have asked around, and it is all in vain. Only
way I am aware of, is to go into BIOS - and when you have no eyes to
assist you, learn to deal with the new key-layout. Sorry, but even
sighted people complain about the inconveniences caused. And many of
them are either not familiar with BIOS modification, or are afraid to
even consider trying.

Until the day the manufacturers would let us do the swapping of
key-layouts through some kind of accessible software, I am afraid the
shortest answer to your query has already been given, it is a loud and
clear NO. From what I learn, seemingly certain manufacturers have
provided pieces of software to do the swap, but only for their own brand
and models.

OK, one last resort, which I have not tried, but which should work. You
could get hold of a key-remapper. That is, a tiny software that will let
you remap any key, or combination, on your keyboard. You then would have
to remap the FN-combos to work as media-keys, and the normal keys to
work as normal. With some scripting insight, you might be able to build
a small key-remapper yourself. AutoHotkey, script development tool,
might be one such lane to follow. Never worked under python, but if it
can be done there, may be some kind of an idea for an
NVDA addon.

My personal solution, might not be the most adviceable for a normal
budget, but I ended up parking the whole computer, and getting hold of
something that works the good old way.

OK, should I leave you one extra advice? Do you have any computer shop
nearby? If so, try bring your laptop there, and explain to them what you
cannot do due to being blind. Perhaps you even could find the
instructions on how to remedy the situation, on the net, and have them
printed out. Then, ask the personel in the store,if they could please
give you a hand, in changing that one setting in the BIOS. IF they are
anything familiar with computers, it should be possible for them to do
it in less than a minute. Smile nicely, and see if they could do it for you.

It is my understanding, that the modern BIOS setup, is much like most
graphical, mouse-operated screens. So if you have any computer person in
amongst your friends, and you look up the instructions on how to do the
job, even that might be a solution. From what I can read, it is only one
simple setting that needs be changed.

Sorry, I could not be more uplifting on the matter.

On 12/15/2016 8:04 PM, Robert Kingett wrote:
Hi all, I had a quick question. On my HP laptop the function keys are
defaulted to their media options, so if I want to hit shift F10, I
have to hit FN shift F10. Is there anyway I can change this without
going into the BIOS? I have no sighted person here to assist me with
the BIOS so is there a work around?


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