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Well I don't think anything is going to somebody who does not take care online with obvious precautions like not clicking links in emails from fake addresses and spam etc and indeed dodgy content like free music downloads here type of thing, where the great ransomware hacked html code resides for the unwary and greedy.

If your friend can be got to a point where its not going to actually ask for malware then Microsofts msse is very good and simple.Avg can work well but it seems to slow things up and to my mind keeps plonking warnings up and some are not very easy to interact with. A typical case of a program written by a committee!

The biggest dangers as I'm sure you know are trojans and ransom ware just now, the rest can be found with stand alone scanners like malwarbytes etc every few weeks, but if you keep any financial info on your computer or need it to survive you most certainly do not want trojans or ransomware, and most certainly don't pay them as few get their machines decrypted as they have no incentive once they have your money in their account.
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so my friend is a trojan horse manet and an adware magnet. when I could see some I had avast on her computer. she is very low tech so had no idea about changing the avast settings and making boot time scans, ETC, so now that I am totally blind is there an antivirus program anyone could suggest that is fully accessible with NVDA? she also says she will not upgrade to windows 10 because change bad! :) any suggestions for windows 7?

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