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I just checked further.  If you use the letter r, each item will be read individually.  If you up and down arrow, the entire list of donations will be read from where you are to the end every time you down arrow.  This, obviously should be changed.  So the page can be significantly improved in that way.  The reason I didn't hafve this problem is because I had use screen layout if supported turned off in my NVDA.  If this is the setting used, down arrowing works properly.  Just one more reason to have this setting off by default.  My recollection is that is on by default.  That's a really bad default setting.  New or inexperienced users won't even know such a setting exists. 
It might still be worth considering having a page explaining the use of radio buttons, as I suggested in a previous message.  But new or unknowledgeable users should have the most web pages presented in the most useable manner and that is to have use screen layout if supported off by default.

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Thanks for raising this, I'll look into it.

Kind regards


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Yes this has been a bit odd for some time. Somebody told me that you can sort it a bit by changing the way the page is shown to you in one of the settings, but I forgot which one now.
You should be ok if you are careful as you cannot spend anything until the end in any case.
I'll be doing mine when I get a quiet period, indeed I was never asked at update time so I'll need to do it via the menu in any case.

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I wonder if the donation page during update could be looked at an simplified.

On Firefox the donation options are not read as discrete options   unless you use control keys with arrow keys, and to my deaf ears at leazst it is confusing as all the suggested amounts of donations are initially read out as a single strihng  which is a little overwhelming and scary as some of the suggested amounts are pretty considerable.
To my ears at least the check box for the amount is not clear – does it relate to the amount before or after the amount etc.
It is a little anxiety making and does not feel quite safe and the worry is that you are to donate an amount you cannot afford.
More importantly on a couple of occasion  this has meant I have checked the wrong amount when trying to donate  and again on my system once a check box is check is seems impossible to uncheck it. Pressing space or enter does not seem possible to amend this once it has been entered.

This has twice meant that I have pulled out of the donation page when I genuinely wanted to donate.

The behaviour of the page which would feel safe to me would be to cursor down and hear each donation option as a separate option  with a clear safe option to check or uncheck the amount you are committing, rather than only being able to review by hearing whole sections of the page read out.
My inability to complete this page is probably down to my own ineptitude and user error but I would have thought that a donation page at least should be ultra straightforward and easy to complete.
Just a suggestions.

David Griffith

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