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I upgraded with no problem. Looks like NVDA has been greatly improved
thanks to the hard work of the developers.
My expectation was that there would be input table for UEB.
In what's new it says:

• Updated liblouis braille translator to 3.0.0. This includes
significant enhancements to Unified English Braille. (

I have no idea wath improvements were made as it is a very obscure statement.
Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next release.
Although my main screen reader is NVDA, I still use JAWS as a backup
because of UEB output and input tables.
Keep up the good work.
Nevzat Adil

On 12/16/16, brian <> wrote:
For those of you who are concerned about your upgrade to the
full version if you have a release candidate you will get the full
version. I had rc 2 and just now I checked for updates and it told me
that an update was available so I downloaded and installed it. This
should reassure people about this issue thats why I have never
downloaded any rc candidates before now. I was not sure if I would get
the full version but I did.

Brian Sackrider

On 12/15/2016 8:31 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,

If you are using Windows 10, I strongly recommend upgrading to 2016.4.
Thank you Quentin and other NV Access staff, fellow users and
developers for making this possible and providing us (the community)
with something to celebrate as we close NVDA’s tenth anniversary



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*Quentin Christensen
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*Subject:* [nvda] NVDA 2016.4 released #nvdasr

Hi everyone,

NVDA 2016.4 Now Available

NV Access is pleased to announce that version 2016.4 of NVDA, the free
screen reader for Microsoft Windows, has now been released.

Highlights of this release include improved support for Microsoft
Edge; browse mode in the Windows 10 Mail app; and significant
improvements to NVDA’s dialogs.

See the full release announcement and download link for #nvdasr 2016.4

Kind regards



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