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Ron Canazzi

Hello David,

Every 2 or 3 weeks, I get a call from someone with a heavy East Indian accent saying that they are from Microsoft and that they have been alerted that I have a serious virus issue on my computer.  They want me to let them remote in to my system.  This has been a scam that has been affecting the blind community a great deal as reported on several technical lists I am subscribed to.  I simply hang up.  Microsoft never calls you unsolicited for anything at all.

Could this guy have access to your computer since you let him in already?  That is hard to say.  He may have access if you have a static IP address.   He may have planted something on your system during the brief time he was connected.  The only way to be sure is to have a computer expert/technician of some sort analyze your system.  I would start with the Microsoft website/phone number that have been referenced on this list.

Good luck.

On 12/16/2016 6:36 PM, David Moore wrote:

Hi guys,

I will give you a quick over view and ask some very important questions. Here it is:

Well, I typed in a web site, and my small laptop started talking in a different voice saying to call a number from Microsoft before turning off my computer. It gave a number that sounded a lot like microsoft. I called and my wife let them have access, to my computer by typing in a number and other info. and he would not say what company he was from, but he said he was a third party working with Microsoft. He began drawing lines on my screen, and told my wife that I had to pay money to clean my computer from this virus. My wife told him that she was calling the police, and he hung up. However, he was still connected to my computer. I did a quick scan with Windows defender, and it said that I have no problems. I clicked off of all of what he had on the screen. Can he get back into my computer at any time? Could there be a virus still on my computer? What is the number to Microsoft accessability? I called a Microsoft number, and they said they were the geek squad and I would have to pay for them to do anything, but yet he said it was Microsoft. What should I do now?

Take care, guys, I am still shaken up. I would had just blown it off, but the message that came up said Microsoft, and it was one number off from a Microsoft sales number.

David Moore

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