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Devin Prater

If its just about what voices sound good or natural or not, I could probably help with that. I am learning Spanish, and know a little German, but I could compare SpeechHub’s speech with other speech engines, coupled with my knowledge of the language.
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Devin Prater

On Mar 21, 2016, at 5:13 AM, Isaac Porat <isaac@...> wrote:


First the SpeechHub project is live and well - I maintain it and will no doubt do further development in the future.
My last major development was last June with the introduction of SpeechHub support for MaryTTS 5.
With MaryTTS 5 other languages can be added in a modular fashion where in MaryTTS 4 it was very cumbersome.
This upgrade to MaryTTS 5 was a major task.

MaryTTS is essentially a research project in a German university and like all research projects some bits are more practical than others.  For example with the English voices (which I understand) it took some time to work out which voices work reasonably well  and which do not. With other languages (which I do not understand) this is more difficult as I would need a native speaker to do the assessment for me.

So I am afraid at present, SpeechHub with MaryTTS it is only in English.
When I get the time and inclination to do further developments, I shall ask for native speakers of the specific languages I would be interested to help.


On 18/03/2016 16:24, Arno Schuh wrote:

the Mary TTS in SpeechHub only offers english voices.
I know that there are a lot of other languages, i. e. German, for Mary TTS available, too.
Is it possible to get these languages in SpeechHub Mary TTS?
Is it difficult to add additional languages to Mary TTS or is it possible to do it myself? I have no knowledge in writing software.

Yours sincerely


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