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Gerardo Corripio

I also read the User Guide and wow it sounds very very interesting! but i've got the question if does it include a facility where you could assign maybe a Hotkey that'll alternate between the regular Internal Mike-only listening, and StereoMix? I record lots of podcasts and demos here on my Windows7 HP Laptop, thus such a facility would be a blessing for those of us who record, who paqrticipate on online radio etc. Good work so far!

El 18/12/2016 07:41 a.m., The Gamages escribió:
Hello Jacques,

Thank you for your reply, I have read your user guide and have one
question about my particular system.
I am using Windows ten anniversary edition, my soundcard is a
Soundblaster Z.

At the moment I have a problem where I have no speech, sighted people
have confirmed that the card is not muted and, as the computer is under
warrenty, it will be looked at tomorrow.

That being said, will your program bring back speech when I lose it?
assuming that any problem is sorted first of course.
I am really only interested in getting some sound back if someone mutes
it or reducers the volume to zero. I am not sure if your program will do
this or if it stops the sound from being muted or reduced in the first
place. As you will realise now, the old Quick mix just took a snapshot
of the soundcard and a hot key or desktop icon could be used to restore
the settings?
In simple terms can you explain what happens with your program.

I do appreciate people like you who give of their time to help others,
whatever the outcome for me, have a very happy festive season and all
good luck for the new year.

Best Regards, Jim.
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Hi Jim

I wasn't familiar with Quick Mix, but Googled it quickly to see what it
offered on XP.

I wrote a collection of utilities over the last year or so, which I call
Stascom Utility Suite. At this point it will recover sound to a
pre-defined level and unmute the default sound card if it became muted
by an event. You can also define day / night volumes to be switched to
at user defined times. At this point it does not load application
specific profiles, but that might just be something I'll look into for a
future release.

Should you be interested, you can read the user guide and download the
installer from my web page:


On 18 Dec 2016 12:25, The Gamages wrote:
Hello all,
I believe someone made an addon to save soundcard settings, I missed
thread on this subject, is it anything like the old “quick mix” for
that was a brilliant program.
does it take a snapshot of the soundcard, or is it a bit more
Any comments greatly appreciated.
Best Regards, Jim.

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