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Jacques <lists4js@...>

Hi Dan

Sorry to hear about the experience you've had in this regard, it leaves me frowning though. No part of Stascom interferes on that level. You didn't mention which sound editing tools you're using. Although I'm not a professional sound engineer, I often enough to sound editing in GoldWave, including conversion between formats. It would be interesting to know what caused this problem on your system.

If you would like to give me more specific detail, please contact me via the contact options in the user guide or program menu. I'm happy to discuss it publicly, but not all people on the list will be interested in the topic.



On 18 Dec 2016 17:11, Dan Kerstetter wrote:
I would like to add a word of caution about using this program suite.
IThink it's a wonderful set of utilities, but I had to remove it because, with the program installed, I couldn't work on sound editing projects and save them. Apparently, it was interfering with the encoding and decoding process.

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This sounds like what I need on a computer often used by sighted people as well as me.
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Hi Jim

I wasn't familiar with Quick Mix, but Googled it quickly to see what it
offered on XP.

I wrote a collection of utilities over the last year or so, which I call
Stascom Utility Suite. At this point it will recover sound to a
pre-defined level and unmute the default sound card if it became muted by
an event. You can also define day / night volumes to be switched to at
user defined times. At this point it does not load application specific
profiles, but that might just be something I'll look into for a future

Should you be interested, you can read the user guide and download the
installer from my web page:


On 18 Dec 2016 12:25, The Gamages wrote:
Hello all,
I believe someone made an addon to save soundcard settings, I missed the
thread on this subject, is it anything like the old “quick mix” for XP?
that was a brilliant program.
does it take a snapshot of the soundcard, or is it a bit more
Any comments greatly appreciated.
Best Regards, Jim.

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