locked Re: test please read

mattias <mj@...>

and this is not the first testmail i see

Den 2016-03-21 kl. 16:15, skrev Alexander Masic:

Why did people on the mailinglist always must try by sending stestmail. I'M so tired of them. You get an confirmationsmail and se others p persons post. so why did people. nead to send this stuped testmail! In my opinion Admin should forbid this beaviur.
Because it is not neaded to send this.

Den 2016-03-21 kl. 16:07, skrev Rosemarie Chavarria:
Hi, Jim,

I received your message with no problem.


On 3/21/2016 1:33 AM, The Gamages wrote:
Hello list members,
I am not receiving messages from the groups io list,  any response would be appreciated to  make sure my ISP is not blocking the messages, thank you
Best Regards, Jim.

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