greeting from LAO PDR and want to discuss for the quickbook

aikeo koomanivong

Dear Joseph

Thank you for added me to this group, so today I want to discuss about the QUICKBOOKS for

The visually impaired,

Who have experience about QUICKBOOKS I wish you could share together

I know NVDA QUICKBOOKS ADDON has developed only 2014

But right now QB going on version 2016 and needs more accessible function

To by JFW script for QUICKBOOKS it’s expensive and the fund donor hard to pay for JAWS Script

The blind leader who are working in their own organization or working in the NGO or company sometime necessary to using the QUICKBOOKS to work with financial or checking status of account .

I’m not sure right now do they have a project for continue developing NVDA ADDON for QUICKBOOKS

But I wishes

But I wishes it would be continue developing

I would  like to thank you for NVDA project and NVDA ADDON that make the blind access to the computer with free screen-reader

Cheers and cheers


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