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I tell you what has stopped working in all windows versions after a recent windows update, that is the old Scansoft emily 16 bit voice. I have tried to reinstall it but it never plays any more not even in Dolphin products, so they broke this in xp and onwards. the 32 bit voices still work, however.


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It may be that your synthesizer is set to the No speech option.

To check it, press: nvda PLUS CONTROL PLUS S. The synthesizer dialogue
should appear. Try to find, for instance, ESpeak NG, and then press
enter to try to make it speak.


If you are unable to do it yourself, either bring up another screen
reader to assist you, or some sighted assistance.

Never have more than one screen reader turned on when you start your
computer. They may have a conflict.
On 12/19/2016 10:05 AM, stewartross wrote:
hi i wonder if someone out there could help me
wenever i try to load nvda, i can't get the voice to work.
i thought i would install nvda, to see what is like also
as my jaws keeps crashing wen i am running outlook express seven with
wiindows seven.
many thanks
from stewart
from the ross meister <>

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