Re: Why not leave nvda's name the way it is

Patrick Le Baudour

At least nvda doesn't remind people of a puppet shark and some blood... Ok, sorry for that....

As a reminder, the proposition didn't came from any official source, and I wouldn't expect it to come on the agenda anytime soon. Just no point.

I think for most companies, a name change comes because a bad image (scandal, too old-fashioned, ...) or because they'd never got results and want to try a catchier name.
I don't think nvda should be concerned about that, - or is the one handling the donation some guy named maddoff, trying a new punzi pyramid scam with it ... ? ;)

Le 21/03/2016 22:38, Bhavya shah a écrit :
I find JAWS a more easy-to-remember name for maybe sighted persons or
developers who are being told about screen reading, but that does not
mean NVDA is a bad or inappropriate name - it is perfect, and
moreover, it would be really impractical and unrealistic to even
considering getting this whole product's name changed.
It certainly shall remain the way it is, and now NVDA has a quality
attributed to its name as well as a product, and that must be

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