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Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I played with this WebIE (version 4--supposedly latest version) and while it does work somewhat, I have great wait times when accessing pages with large graphics or embedded audio. 

A few weeks ago, I posted a query to this list and some others concerning solutions for this issue and got absolutely no response.

On 12/21/2016 5:02 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


           I'd say you're accurate just by saying that IE11 is now long out of date, and WebbIE is subject to whatever issues that in itself entails.  It appears that Alasdair King continues to maintain WebbIE as there are two updates in 2016, the last one noted as this month, on the WebbIE web page under the Version History section and he gets into details about said updates on the WebbIE Blog Page.

           I agree, though, that it really amounts to throwing good effort after bad to pursue anything that has IE11 as its underlying web browsing technology these days.  While IE11 is still getting security updates it is under no further development.  Web coding conventions have changed enough since development stopped for that to already be a functional concern.  Now there's no screen reader maker I know of that's throwing a lot of focus on IE going forward since it's been supplanted in the marketplace by Chrome and Firefox and Microsoft is intent on making Edge its flagship web browser.  There's a lot more interest in keeping on top of these three browsers while IE is going to become more and more a stepchild and will eventually likely end up unsupported beyond what already exists (which is substantial, but still, the writing's on the wall).

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