locked Re: trying to find my gmail account in the webbie browser

Ron Canazzi

OK, I was just asking.  Some people must be awfully stressed out over Christmas.  I sometimes like to play around with odd or unique software.


On 12/21/2016 6:28 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
Ron Canazzi wrote, with regard to WebbIE:

A few weeks ago, I posted a query to this list and some others concerning solutions for this issue and got absolutely no response.

And that should be utterly unsurprising.  WebbIE is a one-man project about which very little is known to "the outside world."  Then you have the fact that it's built atop what was once the dominant, but is now a rapidly dying, web browser and the desire to delve into finding answers is simply absent.

For myself, and I am speaking strictly for myself, I am not going to dedicate my time to finding a solution to something that is rapidly hitting a dead end that no one can fix.  It makes no sense for me to spend my time that way and, in the final analysis, it makes no sense to spend your time (for any you) that way because it is a dead end.  Learning a new and currently popular browser is a far better use of time and effort.  Several browsers now have  a "reader view" (see Firefox Reader View page for the leader on this) feature that essentially do what WebbIE had been doing - stripping things to straight text.  Clutching antiquated software to your (for any you) bosom makes absolutely no sense over the long run.  That has nothing to do with whether you're sighted, blind, or anything else.  There are clear indications when the time to begin letting go is nigh and when that point is passed.


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