Re: KeyBoard Nonresponsive On Win10 Machine After Installing NVDA2016.1

Jacob Kruger

If you manage to bypass logon screen, does NVDA then work normally?

If so, under general settings, is NVDA set to start/be used at the windows logon screen?

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On 2016-03-22 12:51 AM, James Robinson wrote:
Hello List!
After installing NVDA2016.1 on my Win10 Machine, my keyboard has somehow
become nonresponsive, but my mouse still works; I can move the mouse
around and eventually the system will say “logon screen stuff and edit
in the voice of my default screenreader; could I have accidentally
turned something off or muted my system; I tried a second keyboard by
changing the wireless device USB and trying its accompanying keyboard
and mouse and the problem persists; and anyway I hope someone has some
idea of what is happening to my system and can give me some suggestions
on what to do to try to solve it.
One additional thing: The shortcut combo of “CTRL+ALT+N is also the
system shortcut for the SAmNet Systemt; I switched the shortcut for the
Samnet program to another shortcut key but NVDA’s shortcut still does
not work; should I re-enter the NVDA shortcut and see if it works.
Thanks for your help.

James Arthur Robinson, Sr., President
Jardata Corporation

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