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I wanted to do what I can do in dropbox and when that page came up it was not able to be used it vanished when you tried to type into it. I have once managed to find it again, and then it worked but I'm not yet sure how I did it. Not as intuitive. the best I've been able to do is send a link manaually to another address whereupon clicking it opens a page on the web site with options like download and play, it was an mp3 file.

Bit of a convoluted way of doing what is already built into most browsers in a bespoke way. typical google reinvent the whole wheen you only need the tyre changing.

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Google Drive supports sharing at various levels of granularity from very fine (individual level, which is what the e-mail address field is about, and even for those individuals you can control precisely how they can manipulate the file) to "medium" where anyone you send the link to can download/view the file without logging in to do so to open to the world such that the file can be found in web searches (which is done using the Advanced link).

That's the short version. I just opened the Google Sync Drive folder on my desktop and shared what had previously been an unshared folder with another of my Google Mail addresses along with a Verizon e-mail address I use only for testing.


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