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David Moore


I agree with everything you just said. The Golden cursor add on is so important, that I am trying to get a hold of the author to let her know that we are using it. Just by using NVDA alone, I can hear the progress beeps as well in any browser. You are right, CTRL+J opens the downloads dialog. It is time for the blind to be proud to take all of the time they need to learn dificult sighted software. Joseph lee says that he cries and wheeps because the blind will never try anything new and have the motivation to learn something new. Well, I usually just right these blind people off as never wanting to learn anything. I help those blind people who are open minded, and want to assimulate into the sighted world instead of just living in their own little blind world.

David Moore

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        Contrary to your assertion,"if someone can make another brouser like that we might change but not until" it's time you figured out that you, like all others, actually have to deal with technological advances (and, sometimes, from a practical standpoint, they're more like regressions) just like the rest of us.

        You can easily follow downloads progress, including with NVDA, and particularly with the Golden Cursor add-on installed, using the download manager of virtually any web browser you can name.  I just tried downloading a massive PDF file I have on my Google drive and I can down-arrow on to the download status and have it read precisely where the download is and the total amount to be downloaded under Chrome.  If I wish to keep monitoring I have to up arrow/down arrow to get the status read again.  I almost never monitor download status for large files because I can check in download manager (CTRL+J in most web browsers) after the fact to see if the file did succeed in downloading or that it failed.

         As to your fiat that "you should not need any add-ons to do this" well, good luck with that.  Developers are going to do what they wish to do and what's most efficient for them.  You are one of many, many customers.  It is actually up to you to figure out, or to ask others, how something you might want to do can be done, not demand that people who don't even know you do things in the way you prefer.

         A big attitude adjustment, and acceptance of how the real world works, appears to be in order here.  Shooting me because I'm the messenger telling you something that's true, but that you don't want to hear, isn't helping you or anyone else, either.



 Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.

         ~ Samuel Butler, 1835-1902




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