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There are few absolutes in any area and this is another where this applies.  There are times when a program created for blind users may be desirable.  In general, people are better off using standard programs.  Adaptive programs often don't have as many features or abilities.  And if you stick to special programs, you will limit yourself in terms of available programs. 
Having said that, what might be a program developed for blind people that might be better to use?  At the moment I can't think of much but let's consider one example I can think of.  If you are recording audio, it might be nice to have a program that audibly indicates input levels and tells you when you might be using too high a volume.  Perhaps a rising tone could be used that changes in some way, perhaps distorting when what is perhaps too high a volume is reached.  I doubt any program for sighted people would have such a feature.  This might not require an entirely separate major program.  It might be achieved by a utility that measures input levels in whatever program you are using.  But my point is that this is very likely an example of a feature no sighted designer would put in a program for sighted users because some sort of meter or graph would be considered superior.

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Hi all,

Firefox and Chrome both announce the download status with NVDA. I must strongly disaggree with software just for the blind. Any blind person should want to use what the sighted use, because that is what you will have to use at work and so on. Being able to use every tool you have to use software made for the sighted should be the goal of every blind computer user. The blind must stop expecting the world to make everything just for the blind. The blind should only want to use everything made for the sighted. This is what is so beautiful about the iPhone. You are using Voice Over built into the phone, and you are using the exact same phone is your sighted friend sitting beside you. Wow, I find that so exciting, and I give thanks. How will the blind live in the sighted world and assimulate into the sighted world if everything is made special for the blind?

David Moore

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Hi, Arleen,


I think Alasdair King started developing it in 2001. I didn't have a computer until 2003 when I got the old windows 98 computer from Computers for the Blind in Texas.




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Oh yeah? Like I said. I never heard of it!


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Hi, Brian,


The one thing I like about the webbie browser is that it takes out all the extra clutter that you see on a lot of sites. I'll probably use it mainly for downloading songs from my friend's oldies site. I do like that you can hear the percentages. It's just like how internet explorer 8 used to be.




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        The reason that some of us use webie isthat it was designed for the blind and if anyone canshow me a brouser that does what I like webiefor then I will concitering changing my brouser but nvda still needs to have full support on other brousers and it is very important to know if your downloads are progressing or not because your internet may drop out on you and you may not know it if you can't heard the progress of your downloads.  You should not need any add ons to your brouser to do this nvda should be able to do this.  If it's true that webie will no longer work very soon then the developers should be working very hard and fast to make nvda work with all brousers and togive us access to the progress of our downloads like webie does.  I will keep on using webie until it no longer works at all.  Nvda is updates 3 times per year so why arethe developers not doing more in this area?  Maybe nvda could develope it's own brouser that would do what webie does there is no other brouser designed for the blind they are all designed by and for the sighted. 

Brian Sackrider   


On 12/21/2016 6:34 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

Brian Sackrider wrote:

webie as my default browser this works just fine.

But the point, Brian, is that it will not continue doing so for much longer.  I get why people like the familiar and specific features such as the percentage announcement during download that you mention.  When Microsoft announces it's phasing out what had once been its flagship web browser they're not kidding, and the rest of the world of software developers takes notice.  You have to know that IE is a rapidly dying technology, as is anything built on it as a foundation.  You will wake up one day, and probably sooner than you think, and WebbIE will not be working just fine.  

Now is the time to start playing with alternatives to IE and WebbIE so that when that day comes you're not in an instant hard place.

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