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Having one menu is not an advantage nor a disadvantage.  Do you use short cuts in menus such as f a for save as?  Chrome doesn't have some standard short cuts that they should have put in plac e years ago.  Also, almost every interface, settings, history, to name two, is an Internet interface.  That isn't necessartily the most efficient for blind people to us3e.  It is not reasonable that there is neither anb accellerabor command such as alt b, to open book marks from the main window.  As far as I know there is no short cut command to do so either.  the only way I am aware of is to open the single menu and up or down arrow to bookmarks.  I don't recall how many items in the menu lack accellerator keys or short cut keys but there are others.  All these years and these basic keyboard standards haven't been made available?  the Chrome browser is generally quite accessible but this sort of thing is just not justifiable in terms of accessibility nor in terms of efficient operation by anyone blind or not, using keyboard access. 
Also, Firefox has the reading view that some people might gfind useful.  it removes lots of extraneous material from web pages containing articles.  Chrome has an add on but it appears inaccessible. 
I'm not saying to use Firefox or Chrome as the main browser.  People may prefer one or the other.  But in such discussions, I keep seeing Chrome being discussed and implied to be superior.  Not necessarily. 

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Hi Rosemarie and all,

Here is an audio tutorial I did on the Google Chrome browser. I go through the one virticle menu, and I show you how to navigate the settings web page that opens, and pretty much about everything except to log into Chrome, but that is not necessary at all. You only need to do that to sync your settings and bookmarks between all of your devices. However, logging into Chrome, has become very accessible since I did this tutorial. Just press enter on log in, on the settings page that I will talk about in the tutorial.

Here is the link,


I hope this really helps you, you, Rosemarie, and all of you who want to see how great Chrome is, especially for streaming video. I use three browsers to do different things. IE 11 works the best with Facebook and Twitter, Firefox works best with the Google apps like Google Docs, sheets, slides, play, and hangouts, and interacting with web pages, filling out complicated forms and so on and reading web articles. Chrome works the best with very large news web sites, reading articles on sports sites and other large web sites, and streaming. All three browsers work together to do most tasks. Even Edge has its place now, since it works so well with NVDA. I use Edge to load social sites such linked in, and the Twitter web site works great in Edge as well. Here is the link again to the tutorial. for Chrome. Just press enter on this link, and you can download this tutorial to your computer. It is an MP3 file, and lasts about an hour. Here is the link.


Take care, all,

David Moore

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Hi, Brian,


The other day I installed google chrome and I do want to learn it well. Yes, I agree that it doesn't hurt to learn something new in case internet explorer dies. I can understand why people like what's familiar but I also see your point.




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Brian Sackrider wrote:

webie as my default browser this works just fine.

But the point, Brian, is that it will not continue doing so for much longer.  I get why people like the familiar and specific features such as the percentage announcement during download that you mention.  When Microsoft announces it's phasing out what had once been its flagship web browser they're not kidding, and the rest of the world of software developers takes notice.  You have to know that IE is a rapidly dying technology, as is anything built on it as a foundation.  You will wake up one day, and probably sooner than you think, and WebbIE will not be working just fine.  

Now is the time to start playing with alternatives to IE and WebbIE so that when that day comes you're not in an instant hard place.

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