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Chris Mullins

The alt k spoken after the shortcut key control+alt+n is not part of the shortcut itself, it's the quick access key you can use to jump directly to the Shortcut Key field within the Shortcut dialog box.

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I went to properties and the edit field said control alt N plus alt K. I was unable to remove the alt K. So I tried hitting control alt N hoping it would insert
the correct hot keys but no dice. So I want to delete the desktop short cut, but wasn't able to figure out how to generate another desktop short cut before hand. All I could find was pin to task bar or was it start menu.
On 12/22/2016 9:32 AM, Nimer Jaber wrote:

Make sure that the NVDA icon is on your desktop. Navigate to that
icon, and press alt+enter. You should be in the shortcuts tab. This is
where you can assign a shortcut. Let us know if you have any additional trouble.


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My control alt N won't start NVDA. How can I get this hot key working
again? Thanks.

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