Note about Joseph's moderator message

Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...>

For some reason I cannot get my message to go through, even after removing the hashtags from the subject.
Therefore, I'm taking it upon myself to intentionally change the subject line, so that the message will properly go through.  Please see below regarding my response about Joseph handing down his moderator access.
I'd like to appoint my friend Ben J Bloomgren!  He would be absolutely perfect for this job!  Ironically, I've known him since 2006, and he is a bigtime
NVDA user.  His skill in helping me over the years get familiar with NVDA has been incredible!  I never ever could have gotten where I am with the program
today had it not been for him.
What's even more, Ben is so kind, and so gentle!  He has been so patient with myself and other friends.  There have been times with NVDA that I have been
so frustrated, I just wanted to scream, but he's always been there to lend a hand, and an ear to vent to, and always has systematically helped me look
through the problem little by little until I better understood the solution.  So, I dont' don't know how many of you would agree, but I am definitely nominating
Ben as the new mod.
I trust you'll cast in my vote!
Christopher Gilland
JAWS Certified, 2016.
Training Instructor.
Phone: (704) 256-8010 Extension 401.

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