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Ben, I completely understand your dilemma with not filling all the requirements, and appreciate your honesty.

Joseph, I, too, read your blog post, and was nearly move to tears.

You have such a warm heart for people. What a ministry! Don't ever let that compassion leave your spirit, brother!

Have a great day, and God bless, and yes. You are forgiven.
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Joseph, list and all,

I thank you for having been our moderator for as long as you have been. I also thank Chris Gilland for having submitted my name for consideration as a future moderator. However, after having read the final paragraph of the blog post which you cited, I'm unworthy of this position. I don't fulfill all the requirements, even though there are only two which I don't fulfill. Through his blood, you are forgiven, as you requested in that paragraph. I promise, by the way, that that'll be the last religious comment that I'll make publically. Because of that entry, I would really like to get to know you further off list. By the way, you've got a reader! I'm gonna throw your blog's RSS feed into my Lire.

I've enjoyed having you as a moderator, being how compassionate your heart is. I hope that this list will continue long into the future.


Ben Bloomgren

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