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Whoever told you that NVDA is taking focus away from the image: please have that person contact me so I can let this person talk to lead NVDA devleopers.

In reality, it isn’t that NVDA is taking focus away from the image – it is just that home, end, page up and page down are used by NVDA when browsing the web (called browse mode).




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I am a photographer / web developer / virtual tour producer and am trying to learn how to optimize my web projects for web accessibility when using a screen reader like NVDA.  In my research so far, I have learned that when viewing a project like this:, the Page Up / Page Down / End /Home keys can be used to navigate through a thumbnail panel that has image titles.  When NVDA is used to view the page, these keys become disabled.  I have been told by my development software provider that NVDA takes the "focus" away from my page and thereby disables this rudimentary keystroke navigation.  I am hoping to make contact with individuals on this forum who can help me learn to overcome some of these technical problems and also give advice on how to optimize the web accessibility of my projects for users of NVDA and other screen readers. is an alternative version of the link above that shows how narration could be used to give additional info about the page, including an announcement of special keystrokes which would open up navigation to other screen elements which are possible here like a youtube video embedded in an Iframe within the panoramic images and still images that make up the basis of these virtual tours.  Any advice from this forum would be very much apprciated!

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