Dragging and Dropping using the mouse-routing commands

Sharni-Lee Ward


I've recently signed up to Hiveword, a novel planning site. One of its
features is a character sorter in which you can rearrange characters in
the list by dragging and dropping. I found I was able to do this with
the mouse-routing commands to move the mouse to the navigator object,
lock the left mouse button, scroll up or down to the desired place, move
the mouse again and release the button. It worked most of the time, but
several specific items would not move no matter how many times I moved
the mouse to them and locked the mouse button before attempting to
reroute it. I don't know whether it's the site or NVDA causing this, but
I'm asking here first in case it is a known issue with NVDA. It's great
that I can drag and drop, but at the same time very very annoying when
certain items refuse to move even when others do. I just want my novel
series' characters arranged by families...

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