Full digest issues


I choose to receive the messages here in daily digest.
I chose the full html version.

First thing I noticed when I received my first digest, is a reply link
after each message.

When we press on this link, a new compose email page appears with the
following in the to field.
nvda@groups.io?subject=Re: hello there
The problem is that the email cannot be sent that way at least with
gmail's basic html view.
I don't know if the experience is better with desktop clients such as
live mail or thunderbird, or even with gmail's standart view.

Also since the developers of groups.io listen to accessibility
requests, perhaps it would be nice if there was a way to jump from one
message to another when reading digest emails.
Perhaps heading navigation, landmark navigation or something like that.
Apart from that the experience with groups.io is very good so far.

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