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Rendering in browse mode: ability to use browse mode to navigate a website.

As for taking to developers: I think this forum isn’t suited for this kind of thing. There is a dedicated forum for NVDA development that is geekier than this, and some members of that forum are web developers so they can answer your questions.

More info about this forum can be found at:

I highly recommend asking about this over there and seek advice from not only NVDA developers, but also from web accessibility experts and consultants in hopes that you can learn more about why coding for web accessibility matters in your project (first rule of web accessibility: don’t assume you have best solutions for everybody, because more often than not, you can learn more about possibly better ones out there; second rule: don’t be carried away into using Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) throughout your site for everything, you can make your site accessible without that; ARIA is there for enhanced experience).




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When you say it "renders" in browse mode.....does NVDA read the captions in a series, or are you able to click through them one by one and then select one using the enter key?  I don't have Edge and after updating NVDA and using NVDA plus Space to activate Browse Mode, I am still only to get movement through the thumbnail panel by clicking with mouse once in panel and then using Page Up / Page Down.  But even then, NVDA does not announce Captions for specific scenes (in Chrome and Firefox.)  If I use mouse, specific scene Captions will be announce by NVDA upon mouseover.  This version puts Narration over top of everything:  Is narration done over top of NVDA distracting....or a nuisance?
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