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David Goldfield


I have also experienced the issue with silence when I invoke the "save" dialog in Word. A way to get around this is that, after pressing ctrl-s, press the alt key to move focus to the ribbon. Press alt a second time to move focus from the ribbon back to the dialog. I encounter similar silence sometimes when first opening Word. NVDA says nothing but, when I press the alt key twice to force focus away from and then back to the window, NVDA reports that I'm in a blank document. I'm running Windows 10 Pro on an older machine with a dual core Athlon processor, 2.9 GHz. On a much faster laptop running Windows 7 I don't encounter this behavior and NVDA always reads the contents of these windows as expected.

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On 12/30/2016 8:32 AM, Eric Barrette wrote:


I’ve encountered a couple of instances of strange quiet when working with NVDA.

1)      In MS word – once I hit control s, it is silent.  The save as dialog is appearing, but nothing is being said about it.  I have the latest NVDA and tried it on Word 2010 and 2016.  Sometimes I can get it to talk about the save as dialog by pressing escape and then control s a few more times.  Tried reverting back to default synthesizer with same results. Also occurs on a fresh windows 7/office 2016 install.

2)      I can’t get it to say “Enter” or “new line” when pressing enter all I get is silence. I tried looking at the punctuation options and turned line feed and carriage return to all and always, but no change.


Any help would be appreciated




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