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Hi Antony,
If I understand Chris, he meant someone who is familiar with NVDA's history, development and key ideas.
To answer the second question: in 2013, at the time of taking office, I was nearing completion of my NVDA tutorials, an active participant in NVDA translations work and was learning NVDA source code and planning Control Usage Assistant add-on (which is now maintained by a member of this list). At this time, I am:
* Soon to be former associate moderator of this list.
* One of the community add-on reviewers and serve as the quarterly add-on release coordinator.
* Produced numerous tutorials, including Welcome to NVDA series (updated in 2015).
* Current maintainer of or have maintained the following NVDA add-ons: Control Usage Assistant (original add-on creator and former maintainer), Enhanced Touch Gestures (add-on creator and maintainer), GoldWave (add-on creator and maintainer), Resource Monitor (current maintainer), StationPlaylist Studio (current maintainer), Windows 10 App Essentials (add-on creator and maintainer).
* The original author of NVDA add-on development guide.
* NVDA translator (Korean).
* Code contributor to NVDA screen reader project (I am the one who wrote case sensitive find routine, let NVDA announce toast notifications in Windows 10, added ability to let NVDA not play startup and shutdown sounds, initiated Outlook Calendar support, maintain a number of third-party NVDA snapshots, and am researching features such as ability to disable individual add-ons and letting NVDA announce notifications in Microsoft Edge).
* Involved in projects related to NVDA, including serving as one of the points of contact regarding NVDA's support for Unified English Braille (UEB) via LibLouis.
* Organized or led initiatives on various gatherings (both local and international scale), including all NVDACon until now.
* Chair of the NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Committee, which, among other things, is tasked with organizing NVDACon International 2016.
* Served as one of the many points of contact between users, developers and supporters of NVDA.
Hope this helps.

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I have two questions about this:

1. Who do you mean by "the NVDA establishment"? Do you mean the employees of NV Access Limited, or some other (hopefully larger) group?

2. Was Joseph a part of "the NVDA establishment" when he became list moderator?


On Tuesday 22 Mar 2016 at 15:48, Chris Mullins wrote:

I concur with Gene and Laz. Democratic election is not the way to go.
Someone from within the NVDA establishment is required to take on the

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