Something strange going on with Windows 10. Machine seems to be in a state of hybronation

Doug Lawlor

Hello all,    I am having a strange problem here. I'm sure it is related to the Fastboot option in Windows 10 but I'll be dammed if I know how to fix this one.     What happened? I did a restart and the best way I can describe is the computer half booted and seems to be stuck in hybronation mode. 

Here are the symptoms I can see. 

1. Pressing the power button powers on the machine. 

2. I can hear the hard disk being accessed for a few seconds that access stops. 

3. NVDA seems to be active. When I press the Capslock key NVDA will indicate if the capslock key is on or off. 

4. Pressing NVDA+t to read the title of the window results in nothing announced. 

5. Pressing NVDA+Keypad4 and NVDA+Keypad 6 announces "Desktop in object review mode. 

6. Pressing the power button to shut down instantly shuts down. 

7. Holding down the power button for 8 seconds results in the same. The machine instantly shuts down. 


Taking a picture of the screen using KNFB Reader I get enough information to see that the Windows 10 lock screen is displayed. Pressing any key to display the password box results in nothing. 

9. I cannot reboot to a USB boot disk even though I have the boot order set to USB first. 

Has anyone else had this happen to them and what did they do about it? I found an article that talks about a hybronation file in a directory on the hard disk. The only thing I can think to do is to remove the hard drive and do a clean install again. 

Thanks for my rant this morning. 


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