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Walmir Schultz <wsautodidata@...>

I am not having these problems in only one computer, version or operating system...

I have problems in two different computers, In versions of NVDA from 2015.1 and Libreoffice since version 4and, last but not least, in both Windows XP and 7.

To me it seems that the slower the computer, greater are the annoyances.

Em 02/01/2017 12:29, Gene escreveu:

You can't conclude anything based on one use with one computer.  That's why beta testing is done by a lot of people on a lot of different machines.  All we can say is that you have problems on the machine you use with that combination of software.  Since others like using this combination and don't complain of such problems, it is likely that either the problems you describe are your specific problems and not general or that they affect only a small number of users.  But generalizing about performance problems from one person's experience is not valid. 
There is nothing wrong with describing your problems and saying that that is your experience, but generalizing is not valid.
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Sent: Monday, January 02, 2017 6:32 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Libre office and NVDA

I do not want to repeat all the problems I have with LibreOffice because
I already mentioned many of them in this group.

But, with so many "annoyances" while using LibreOffice along with NVDA
and having to restart NVDA at every moment to overcome this issues, I
only find the word incompatibility to describe all the problems.

I am very sad to use this term, but maybe by doing so the issues will
receive some attention, maybe the same attention MS Office has. As
anyone can see, at every new version of NVDA there are many improvements
in regard to Microsoft software, but nothing related to LibreOffice.

I must say that without NVDA I cannot use a computer and I am very
grateful for that.

But, as I can use many, many other programs without any problem, my
conclusion is that NVDA and LibreOffice are not fully compatible.

Em 31/12/2016 13:18, Mallard escreveu:
> Whaaaaaaaaat? No way!!! I've been using Libre Office and NVDA for at
> least three years, and they're absolutely compatible! There might be
> some slight problems every now and then, but it's crazy to say they're
> not compatible!!!
> For goodness sake, don't make the same mistake I used to make... When
> I was unable to have something work the way I expected, I started
> screaming that the programme was not accessible... Then I realised it
> was me... (big smile).
> Please, reconsider your statement carefully; do some more
> experimenting, and be happy with your Libere Office!
> Ollie
> Il 31/12/2016 12:56, Walmir Schultz via Groups.Io ha scritto:
>> I am very sorry to say, but LibreOffice and NVDA are not compatible
>> software.
>> There are many messages about these problems in this mailing list.
>> Em 29/12/2016 14:48, The Gamages escreveu:
>>> Hello,
>>> My apologies if this is not the correct address for this subject.
>>> I am using the latest NVDA and Libre office Writer.
>>> I am in the process of recording articles about libre office writer
>>> using NVDA as screen reader for the magazine called “Talking
>>> Computers”,
>>> Mostly, NVDA does a good job with some work arounds in  some areas,
>>> Iamb about to  cover the subject of tables and have encountered an
>>> anomaly with NVDA announcing rows incorrectly under certain
>>> conditions. If more than one line is required in a cell, whether
>>> allowing the line to wrap or if forced to do so by pressing enter,
>>> NVDA announces the next row as if the extra line or lines in the
>>> previous cell are rows, so, if, for instance, I start in row one and
>>> type two lines in this cell, the next row down is announced as row
>>> three, even though there are only two rows in the table.
>>> If I now delete this row which is being announced as row three and
>>> re insert it, it will read correctly as row two.
>>> It seems that NVDA is recognising extra lines in a cell as rows, so
>>> the actual row below is announced incorrectly.
>>> This only happens if more than one row is present in the original
>>> table, if I start with only one row, then pressing tab at the end of
>>> the table will create another row as normal and it announces
>>> correctly as row two.
>>> Incidentally, the same thing happens if I start at any row In a
>>> table, not just the first one.
>>> I have tried this with Jaws and this announces cells as A1, A2 etc
>>> as if it was a spread sheet, but it does indicate the rows correctly
>>> even with multiple lines in a cell.
>>> Once again, my apologies if this is not the correct place for this
>>> message, if that is the case could you please direct me to the
>>> correct address, thank you very much.
>>> Best Regards, Jim.

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