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Hi Gene,

Consistency… We’ll do as you correctly pointed out. We may eventually need to set up a subgroup dealing with list policies…





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To answer your question, the list has never elected any prior moderator or owner. The list used to be run like a typical list. 


I will simply say, since I have already stated my views at length, that it is a complete contradiction to decide for the list that there will be an election and not let the list decide if it wants one in the first place.  To be consistent, we should have an election to determine if the list wants to elect moderators. 



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Forgive me for asking; how did you become moderator? Were you elected? Were you chosen by the ListManager? I honestly feel that democracy and choosing a moderator is a bad way to go. I think it should be based on one skill set as an extremely knowledgeable person about NVDA. If you start getting personalities into it, it could be really bad.

Gwen and the great Orb
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> On Mar 22, 2016, at 2:44 PM, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
> Hi Gwen,
> Although for some, selection by a moderator is great, I believe it deprives
> a chance for members to exercise a fundamental right: petition. Perhaps
> moderators may make a wrong choice (to them, it was a right decision), but I
> think we cannot forget the following principles:
> * The real stars of a show are audiences. In other words, forum members
> should participate in making a forum great, and one way is through voicing
> opinions. Many of us would say the presenters (or moderators) should be the
> stars, but I firmly believe that the purpose of forming a forum is for the
> benefit of the members within who have come together for a purpose.
> * Moderators should show vulnerability. There is a reason why some people
> are selected to lead, moderate and represent a forum: they have specific
> calling (or a sense of duty), and one way to let moderators show they are
> human is through vulnerability (having a mindset to walk around the
> conference hall and sit with attendees instead of occupying the speaker's
> podium all day).
> * People and content will decide the fate and reputation of a forum. Many
> would say content is the crown jewel of a forum; I think it is both content
> (topics) and people (moderators, members, outsiders and what not) who are
> the gemstones of a forum. As an outgoing moderator (outgoing as in soon to
> retire), I believe that one way to make this a reality is through voting: to
> let you participate in a decision that'll decide the overall direction of a
> forum for years to come, to give you a sense of pride for the fact that you
> are an invaluable part of this forum, to let you express your opinion freely
> and to remind the new moderator to be accountable and answerable to all of
> you. In other words, by letting you vote, I'd like to give you the greatest
> gift (I think) any moderator could give: acknowledging list members as equal
> partners in decision-making, inviting you along the ride as we make
> decisions, and to thank you for your support by giving you a chance to
> select the new moderator.
> * This isn't the first time we held votes to decide important list matters.
> What made our transition to Groups.IO possible was overwhelming "yes" votes
> from members.
> Hope this helps (sorry if I came across as rude).
> Cheers,
> Joseph
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> Joseph, it sounds like you have an awful lot on your plate. I can understand
> that, as moderator, you might want to step down so that you could provide
> more support and help to some of the other focus projects within NVDA. I
> wish you well. I really think an election though is not the right way to go.
> Gwen and the great Orb
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> Anonymous"
>> On Mar 22, 2016, at 2:12 PM, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
>> Hi Antony,
>> If I understand Chris, he meant someone who is familiar with NVDA's
> history, development and key ideas.
>> To answer the second question: in 2013, at the time of taking office, I
> was nearing completion of my NVDA tutorials, an active participant in NVDA
> translations work and was learning NVDA source code and planning Control
> Usage Assistant add-on (which is now maintained by a member of this list).
> At this time, I am:
>> * Soon to be former associate moderator of this list.
>> * One of the community add-on reviewers and serve as the quarterly add-on
> release coordinator.
>> * Produced numerous tutorials, including Welcome to NVDA series (updated
> in 2015).
>> * Current maintainer of or have maintained the following NVDA add-ons:
> Control Usage Assistant (original add-on creator and former maintainer),
> Enhanced Touch Gestures (add-on creator and maintainer), GoldWave (add-on
> creator and maintainer), Resource Monitor (current maintainer),
> StationPlaylist Studio (current maintainer), Windows 10 App Essentials
> (add-on creator and maintainer).
>> * The original author of NVDA add-on development guide.
>> * NVDA translator (Korean).
>> * Code contributor to NVDA screen reader project (I am the one who wrote
> case sensitive find routine, let NVDA announce toast notifications in
> Windows 10, added ability to let NVDA not play startup and shutdown sounds,
> initiated Outlook Calendar support, maintain a number of third-party NVDA
> snapshots, and am researching features such as ability to disable individual
> add-ons and letting NVDA announce notifications in Microsoft Edge).
>> * Involved in projects related to NVDA, including serving as one of the
> points of contact regarding NVDA's support for Unified English Braille (UEB)
> via LibLouis.
>> * Organized or led initiatives on various gatherings (both local and
> international scale), including all NVDACon until now.
>> * Chair of the NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Committee, which, among
> other things, is tasked with organizing NVDACon International 2016.
>> * Served as one of the many points of contact between users, developers
> and supporters of NVDA.
>> Hope this helps.
>> Cheers,
>> Joseph
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>> Subject: Re: [nvda] Electing a new moderator
>> I have two questions about this:
>> 1. Who do you mean by "the NVDA establishment"?  Do you mean the employees
> of NV Access Limited, or some other (hopefully larger) group?
>> 2. Was Joseph a part of "the NVDA establishment" when he became list
> moderator?
>> Antony.
>>> On Tuesday 22 Mar 2016 at 15:48, Chris Mullins wrote:
>>> I concur with Gene and Laz.  Democratic election is not the way to go.
>>> Someone from within the NVDA establishment is required to take on the
>>> role.
>>> Cheers
>>> Chris
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