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Jorge Gonçalves <joport3@...>

Hi everyone,

Just to be clear I decided to list my problems using Nvda and Librioffice. They forced me to use MS Office because I am writing my master thesis this year.

But I like Librioffice and I think it's a software with a great potencial, if issues will be solved with Nvda. Please note that I only tried Writer because it's the one I need.

So there we go:

1. Nvda doesn't read the whole document with the say All Command Nvda+Down Arrow;

2. Nvda most of the time doesn't detect the spelling errors;

3. Nvda doesn't read the foot notes;

4. It is impossible to use browse mode with Nvda so it's very hard to navigate in long documents.

5. Very often, the program freezes and the only solution is to restart Nvda.

6. Very often the program answers extremely slow. Unnormally slow. Most of the programs work fine but here Librioffice, I don't know sometimes gets tired and it's a pain to work with it.

Those are the ones I can remember for the moment.

Às 12:46 de 03/01/2017,5. Very often it freezes and the only solution is to restart Nvda.

nasrin khaksar escreveu:

i agree with you.
please tell the developers to solve these issues and change there priorities.

On 1/3/17, Walmir Schultz via Groups.Io
<> wrote:
To ask the users of two open source software to contact both developer
teans in order to get better compatibility between both applications is

I think the direct contact of the two programs developers is more
productive and logic.

Em 02/01/2017 22:22, Quentin Christensen escreveu:
Ideally, we would love to be able to support every piece of software
possible. Indeed, as noted, there is a strong argument for supporting
accessibility in other open source projects. The main issue from NV
Access' point of view really is our own limited resources. Therefore,
we need to prioritise the work we can do to try and have the most
positive effect on the largest number of users. We are certainly not
unaware that NVDA's capabilities in Libre Office and Open Office are
not where anyone would like them to be at.

What I would say in order to facilitate work on Libre or Open Office,
would be to file issues on GitHub and include as much useful
detail as possible. If anyone has any contacts within the Libre or
Open Office developers who would be interested in starting a dialogue
on improving accessibility (there are, of course, things that can be
done from both sides to provide a more accessible experience for
users), do feel free to get them in touch with us as well.

Kind regards


On Tue, Jan 3, 2017 at 7:03 AM, Travis Siegel <
<>> wrote:

The below statement makes no sense. Librioffice code is already
available for anyone to inspect, NVDA developers included. Saying
that librioffice needs to give their code to NVDA developers if
they want it to be more compatible is a spurious argument. It's
opensource, that means anybody can inspect the code at any time,
it has nothing to do with giving anybody anything. I have no idea
if ms actually gave code to office to nvda developers, but I'd
tend to doubt it. It seems to me, that you have things backwards
in this scenario.

I'm not addressing the business/home usage case, only the source
code availability argument.

On 1/2/2017 2:04 PM, Carlos wrote:

If Libre Office wants to be compatible with NVDA they should
give NVDA developers their code to inspect and study. MS
Office has done so for NVDA developers and it has made it
possible for NVDA to work very well with MS Office!

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