Re: Two proposals: should list elect moderators, and should there be a subgroup devoted to list policies and administration?

Pete <emac00@...>

Joseph and every one, 
  I as a member of this list appreciate being asked for my opinions / thoughts on issues concerning nvda and the list. 
  I think no one on this list would like being told how and what writing / behavior was to be exhibited. 
Joseph, you have done well taking care of the needs of this list!
  Sorry to see you step down.

On 3/22/2016 3:40 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi NVDA forum members,


Recent discussion on moderator selection procedure brought up two important issues:

* Policy discussion: Because this list is devoted to talking about NVDA, it was suggested that a subgroup for discussing policies and what not be created.

* For consistency, this list should decide whether future moderators should be elected or appointed.


To minimize traffic, please send in your answers (yes or no for each suggestion) to by March 25, 2016 at 23:59 UTC. When you do respond, please respond using the following format:


·         Subgroup proposal: yes or no.

·         Moderator election: yes or no.


This is done so Nimer and I can tally the results easily.


The moderators are also receiving nominations for moderator position (so far, we have one).


Thank you.



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