NVDA Freezing Again

Sharni-Lee Ward

Recently I sent a message to this list about an issue I'd been having since I got my Focus 40 Braille Display. NVDA would occasionally freeze just after startup, would refuse to restart and I would have to shut down the computer to get it working again.

This morning, after starting up, I initiated the snapshot Joseph recently released for use with Braille Displays. It froze twice when I attempted to change to the experimental Unified English Braille Grade 2 table and I had to restart the computer after both attempts. I am assuming this problem originates with the Braille Display, not NVDA, as this also happened once before I attempted to use the snapshot. Yep, I had to restart the computer a total of three times this morning because of this freezing issue. Am I doing something wrong? I have the display connected via USB and unless I want something else plugged into that port (my laptop only has two usb ports and the other one is for my internet) I leave it plugged in when I shut down and it is still plugged in when I initially start up the computer.

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