Re: Running a Windows XP Virtual Machine


Yes it works fine with NVDA. I use Oracle Virtualbox. It's free software. If you or some of your friends already have a file containing a virtual machine with XP you can just run it after install Virtualbox. If you don't have a virtual machine you have to create one and then installl system you like to run. Virtual machines will run slow if you don't have a powerful computer. And it's best to turn on virtualization in BIOS to allow direct access to your CPU. I don't know if there is a guide. I use the manual and liittle help from a friend already using Virtualbox. If you think I can help you can try contact me off list. Think it'll get off topic continue here :-)

OZ0TE Jacob

On 4. jan. 2017 at 19.30 kelby carlson <kelbycarlson@...> wrote:


I've never done this before, but would like to try it for a few
reasons. First, can one do this with NVDA successfully? Second, are
there instructions on how to do so? Finally, is there a way to do it
for free?

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