Re: accessible version of Seamonkey?

Lisa P Geibel

Hi Andrea,
I'm sorry, I should have given more details. I use Firefox for my browsing, but we both prefer Seamonkey and that was the mail program my husband used, so that's really what we want it for, but I'd love to have it working on the web again like before. Am also trying to find out how to restore the computer to an earlier date before I messed it up in hopes that would fix it. Thanks.

Philmore box shared with hubby:
God bless everyone!!!

On 3/4/16 6:48 AM, Andrea Sherry wrote:
Have you tried Mozilla Firefox? This is totally acdcessible.

On 4/03/2016 10:41 PM, Lisa P Geibel wrote:
My husband and I are both totally blind and use a Windows 10 computer
with NVDA. I use Thunderbird for my mail client and he used to use
Seamonkey until something happened and we had to reinstall it. I got
2.93 and it is very different than the older one he had as no shortcut
keys such as alt b to add to favorites or ctrl l to open a URL work.
It's only reading things like button and such. The install was a
nightmare and he had to do it as the only choices were button and alt
button. Please help with finding an accessible version since I was the
one that messed it up on him? Thanks.

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