Re: LibreOffice Writer Annoyances - The beginning

Walmir Schultz

I agree that we must choice the better tool, being it commercial or open source.

In relation to MS Office and LibreOffice, to my needs, LibreOffice is clearly the best choice (even the shortcuts are better and the tasks are done more rapidly so).

I was using LibreOffice with Windows Magnifier before my vision got worse without any problem. Issues arrived only when I was forced to use NVDA.

Em 05/01/2017 01:24, Antony Stone escreveu:

Wishing to use only Open Source software is a noble ideology, but sometimes
this means you're not using the best tool for the job. Your choice, but you
have to accept the consequences of that choice.

I can't imagine what the "many reasons" might be why you "can't buy commercial
software", other than the single reason of the price.


On Thursday 05 January 2017 at 03:55:18, nasrin khaksar wrote:

but i only wish to use opensource products and cant buy commercial
softwares for many reasons.

On 1/4/17, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I wouldn't be too quick to accept what you were told as being generally
true. There is all sorts of misinformation on the Internet. We don't
know anything about this person's system. We don't know if there are
problems on it that the person doesn't know about.

I would consider the comments you are referring to as worth keeping in
mind but aI would draw no conclusions unless I got verification from a
number of other users. Then I would consider there to be a reasonable
chance that the statement is correct. otherwise, I would just consider
it to be a statement to keep in mind awaiting more information.

Also, you say that you don't want to pay for a program. I'm not asking
what you can afford. Your finances aren't my business. But I am saying
that if you can afford programs that are known to work but you don't get
them out of ideology, you are causing yourself problems for no reasons
other than ideology. I use the tools that work well. I don't use
programs based on whether they are open source. There is nothing
magical about open source programs. Unless there is a reason not to,
such as not being able to afford a program, I am a very strong believer
in using what meets my needs best.


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