sapi5? Re: [nvda] Support for enhanced accessibility in Kindle 1.19

Simone Dal Maso

Hello, in particular to Ollie.
Ok, I installed Kindle 1.19 and the NVDA appropriate snapshot.
There are two things to say, a part of a great thank you for this work.

The first, I'm italian and Kindle installed on my pc with the italian interface and when I press ctrl-t for reading books with voice, it started with the italian synthesizer Elsa, that is the default on Windows10.
So, reading italian book is possible also!

The second thing is... can I change synthesizer?
Ok, I have NVDA and I can read books with it, but if the ebook haven't the advanced typesettings on, NVDA can't read it, instead Kindle read by itself.
I tried importing a pdf for example, and as expected, NVDA doesn't read the text, Kindle yes with the ctrl-t option.

But unfortunately in Italy Microsoft voices are ... ok, better don't say what they are, the problem is that I can't change the synthesizer to a sapi5.
Oh, you can change it for Narrator and works, but if you want to assing your default synthesizer of Windows to a Sapi5... no chance for me!

Some ideas?

Il 04/01/2017 15:22, Mallard ha scritto:
Hello Jamie and all,

This works great on my machine, running Windows 10 latest update and the
NVDA snapshot you recommended.

Pity the reading feature is only available for English, and other
languages were never added.

As a matter of fact, I could only install the Kindle for Pc with
Accessibility Plugin because you gave a link on the NV Access site.
Otherwise, for us outside the US, or maybe the UK, downloading the app
from Amazon is not allowed.

Anyway, this is a great step forward in NVDA development.

Again, thanks for the great job!


Il 04/01/2017 01:40, James Teh ha scritto:
Hi all,

We're excited to announce that NVDA 2017.1 will support the enhanced
accessibility functionality available in Amazon Kindle for PC version
1.19. This enables users to read books in browse mode, work with notes
and highlighted text and much more. NVDA 2017.1 is expected to be
available in late February 2017, but a beta version of NVDA with
Kindle support is available for testing today. See this page for details:
Try it out and tell us what you think!



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